• Drink Drinks

    It wouldn't be a birthday without indulging in a few quality drinks! We'll have craft beer and a delicious house cocktail to share. If you have a guilty pleasure that you love (maybe some left over Zima), bring it!

  • Feed Friends

    Imagine mac & cheese with five cheeses, chocolate brownies with three kinds of chocolate chips. Now imagine the awesomeness of pigs in a blanket, and twinkies. Bring your most indulgent snacks to share!

  • Sing Songs

    Do you like to sing songs that you probably shouldn't? Treat yo self! Sing a song written for the opposite gender. Sing both parts of a duet. Sing in the style of Mandy Patinkin, Carol Channing, or anyone else that floats your boat!

  • Share Videos

    Do you love quantifiably horrible movies? Do you tear up when the Newsies Seize the Day? Do you have an eclectic taste in music? Do you get your groove on to the Spice Girls under appreciated second music video? Find a clip and share it!

  • Jammy Time

    We've done fancy pants parties, but this time we are going comfy! Wear your cutest, comfiest, or silliest jammies. Have a onesie? Rock it! Super hero flannels? Awesome! Old timey (wimey) full length nighty? Sounds fab!

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